Own it and You will Embrace it!

I remember a few years ago when one of my mentors told me I am a leader, I laughed and brushed it away telling her, no I am not.

No matter how many times I was told by my friends or mentors that I am a good leader, that I am able to motivate and inspire people to take actions and that my life was a demonstration of leadership, I wasn’t ready to see it for myself.

I couldn’t own it until I lead my company with 22 employees and created phenomena; results for my company within a short span of time that I realized that I am a leader.   I had all along defined a leader as someone who is bold, doing great big things for the world with many followers and forgot that being a leader is someone who leads others and more importantly, lead oneself.

So one of the biggest lessons for me was it takes me to acknowledge I am one that made the whole difference for me.  It was me who held myself back all these while from taking greater role fearing that I am not the right one for the leadership role.  It was me who created an internal story about how I am not a leader and made it true for me.  Once I shifted my perspective and own my power and believing that I am a leader, things began to change!

Since then I have gone on to doing bigger things.  We have created the first Women in Business World Summit, which is now rebranded to WEWorld Summit.  When I stepped into my power and my leadership, within a short two months, we created an event with 50 powerful amazing leaders and entrepreneurs from all over the world.  And that’s the irony of it.  Before I own it, I stopped myself from stepping up.  Once I own it, I started embracing my leadership and I began to move into bigger actions and created some outstanding results.

So whatever you intend to be, it starts with you embracing that part of you and then step into it.  A great practice is to look at what is it you fear embracing or you dislike about yourself.  I personally believe beneath the fear and the dislike is the discovery of your true self.  In other words, if you dislike how you look right now, to me, the truth beneath that is You are Beauty.  If you fear embracing Connection, the truth is you are Connection.  And once you discover them, write them down and read them as your affirmations daily and see how you life change!

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